Our work has been published in the following countries: United Kingdom, USA, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Australia.

An overview of most publications can be found here.


In the past we have been working with a large number of forces:
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Air Force Reserve
  • United States Air National Guard
  • United States Navy
  • United States Navy Reserve
  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States Marine Corps Reserve
  • United States Army
  • United States Army Reserve
  • United States Army National Guard
  • United States Coast Guard
  • NASA
  • Royal Canadian Air Force
  • NATO
  • Royal Air Force
  • Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Belgium Air Force
  • German Air Force
  • French Air Force
  • French Navy
  • Spanish Air Force
  • Italian Air Force
  • Armed Forces of Malta
  • Turkish Air Force
  • Hellenic Air Force
  • Bulgarian Air Force
  • Romanian Air Force
  • Hungarian Air Force
  • Polish Air Force
  • Russian Air Force
  • Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • Israeli Defense Force
  • Royal Jordanian Air Force
  • Brazilian Air Force
  • Brazilian Navy
  • Honduran Air Force
  • Air Arms of Costa Rica
  • Japanese Self-Defense Force
  • Rep. of Singapore Air Force
  • Indonesian Air Force
  • Royal Australian Air Force

Company info

Phodocu is an independent publishing company based in The Netherlands with a main focus on military aviation. We operate on an international level and work with a wide variety of forces all over the world, using photography to document their operations. Phodocu specializes in air-to-air and action photography which has become our signature, but we also write our own articles and reports. Our work has been published in most leading aviation magazines around the globe of which samples can be viewed in the 'publications' section on this website.

Foremost we want to bring a positive view on military aviation and also incorporate human interest into our stories. Always looking for interesting angles to work with such as history, mission, type(s) of aircraft, command structure, current activities or newsworthy details. In conjunction with unit representatives we compile a report based on research and interviews, supporting the non-verbal story we want to tell with our photography. When the photos are edited and the text is finalized, each article is ready to print.

We have been privileged to fly with many units to collect air-to-air material, accumulating a lot of hours flying on board different types of aircraft. Aerial photography is all about capturing aircraft in their most natural state, flying, which makes it such appealing and powerful for publication purposes. Nevertheless we are always looking for a wide variety of shots, including take-off and landing, taxiing, aircraft on the ramp, maintenance, briefings, personnel on the job, etc. Whether in the air, on the ground or at sea, our goal is to be creative and providing top quality products.

We also provide stock photography for books, calenders, magazines or internal military publications. The photos on this website are just a small selection from our large archive containing over 100.000 digital images and slides. Requests for specific material can be sent through our contact page!

A brief history

Phodocu was founded by the two of us, Dennis Vink and Rens van Rijn, back in 1999. Being friends for a long time and sharing an interest in military aviation photography, we wanted to bundle our strengths gained from years of freelance activities. So plans were made to start up a company with both photography and documentation as its core business. These two words were eventually blended into one name; Phodocu was born.


Dennis Vink

Managing Director

Born in The Hague, Holland in December 1971 I became interested in military aviation at a very early phase in life and started making my first photos of military aircraft in 1985 during the annual air show of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. From that moment on I was hooked on both photography and military aviation which resulted in my first trip to the U.S. in 1988 for photography on military installation on the East coast and many visits have followed since then.

In 1990, after finishing college, I went into the Royal Netherlands Air Force for my year of service where I found that I wanted to put more emphasis on the photography side of it all than was possible within the Air Force. Already during my service I started working in stores specializing in photography selling cameras en trying to help people get further with photography and learning a lot from older colleagues and more experienced customers.
I quit the photography business as a store manager and started concentrating fully on Phodocu. Now, as a co-owner and Managing Director of Phodocu, I am working full time in the photography business with the emphasis still on military aviation, although it has been widened to work on subjects like animals, landscape and model photography. Phodocu is bringing together the 3 things in life I love doing very much, namely travelling the world, military aviation and photography!


Rens van Rijn

Creative Director

At already an early age I was interested in photography and started to learn the basics from my father. Later on I became an aviation enthusiast and enjoyed taking photos of military aircraft. Some of my photos got published which evolved into writing articles, conducting interviews, performing research and communicating with armed forces all over the world to make interesting reports.

I have had a professional career in military aviation for over 10 years as an F-16 Mechanical Specialist. As I wanted to pursue my dream in exploring my creative side and taking Phodocu to the next level, I enrolled into Communications & Multimedia Design studies and got my ICT bachelor degree. Besides from being a professional aviation photographer, I am just passionate about photography in general and also like to shoot nature, wildlife, landscapes, concerts, HDR, architecture and other challenging subjects. Furthermore I enjoy travelling the world, playing drums, keys or bass and listening to various styles of music.

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